Thursday, 27 January 2011

Gordon Blunkett

“The story was beginning to ingrain itself in the national consciousness... At bus stops, in pubs and in workplaces up and down the country, people were talking about MPs expenses.” – Taken from ‘No Expenses Spared’ by writers for the Telegraph.

I created these bank notes last year as commentable illustrations on the MPs expenses scandal. Each note depicts a perpetrating politician and the amount they claimed on public expenses & for what, duck houses and all. I issued them under 'The Bank of Westminster', as members of parlaiment seem to have slipped into a habit of thinking our country's laws don't apply to them, almost as if they were living in a country all of their own.

I printed each side of each note onto sticker paper, and applied them to cash points and other money-related areas in the locality. Hazel Blears even made it up onto cash recycle for a few months.

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