Monday, 28 February 2011

Brougish Charm

For the full brogue illustrations I want to create them almost in the way real shoes are fashioned; to simulate being an authentic cobbler for a little while, and fashion them in traditional brogue colours. I wanted to experiment with using shoe polish, so I armed my self with a shoe brush, cloth and various black and brown polishes and turned my kinetic energy into, well, messy hands and the smell of the first day of school.
I also tried cutting out the different pieces that made up the shoe, and sewing them back together, which is still in progress.

If only I had elves.


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Shoe Can't Tell Me How To Feel

A third year fashion student at my university is putting together a magazine based on the 'classic men's brogue', and I agreed to do some illustrations to keep her articles company. I started the process by drawing this pair today, and after scanning them in upside down it came to my attention that the shoes almost seem to take different moods or give different impressions when I look at them positioned differing ways round.

N - Perky and proud / S - Droopy and depressed /
E - Selfish and sly / W - Modest and kind.

Sunday, 6 February 2011


I sewed this hearty little bicycle when I was home for the weekend. 
It was a very therapeutic process, and all in aid of our second Bespoke illustration exhibition at Cafe Boscanova, which is love themed to correspond with St. Valentine season. I focused on the notion of a regrettably unwelcome third wheel or tag-a-long type of character who might plague a couple trying to have some twosome time.

As often with hand-sewn objects, I found the reverse side fascinating in its own right, so I backed the piece with perspex so you can see through the reverse side of the frame.
Below, if you look closely, you can see the bike cozied up with all its illustration bedfellows.
Maybe it'll meet your gaze next time you're having coffee.

Photograph courtesy of Sojung Kim

Friday, 4 February 2011

Penguin Decades Series Finale

Here lie my final book cover designs submitted for the Interpretation of Text unit last November. I enjoyed reading the books so much and became ingrained in how each book was written, finding it important to reflect this connection by featuring something personal to each story on its specific cover.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

You're My Type

Below is one screenprint from my first ever print run :) Born at the end of the summer holidays last year, I am the first to admit that I got a little overexctied and did a fair many variations of this dear ol' typewriter. It has a lot of brothers and sisters. But this is the one that I put into my class' first Bespoke exhibition at Cafe Boscanova in Boscombe.

It sold for £20 in a frame, and the lady who purchased it was very nice indeed.

Here it is saying its last goodbyes to its friendly coffee shop location, between Nathan's 'blue period' and, well, the stairs down to the toilet. Fare thee well, old friends.