Monday, 3 January 2011

Piece of Cake



In honour of my new blog, I have dug out this intensely confusing fold-out from a couple of years ago. When full size, it was even worse than a large OS map for someone to fold in; you almost needed a key to close it back up - a key of the knowledge of its mechanisms ;) with triangular extra folds and a little labyrinth of turns.

It was in response to an idioms project, and I chose to create a realisation based on the phrase "A Piece of Cake." Obviously this idiom tends to say something is laughably easily, a doddle; so I turned that on its head while applying it to the phrase literally, making impossible to follow cake-baking instructions.

The result is as chaotic as the kitchen directly after I've made a gingerbread house, but also as sweet as the spoils. Plus my beloved tutor Mr Simon Muttitt helped me print it on tracing paper! Tasty.

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