Tuesday, 29 March 2011

EggMag-ic of Hindsight

This is my recent submission to EggMag's Illustration competition, answering their ask of explaining visually why it is important to have areas of greenery and vegetation in cities.
I focused on the notion of parkland in urban areas being an important place for the entirety of the local community, from office workers needing some fresh air on their lunch break, to children having space to investigate and learn about nature, and the wildlife itself to flourish alongside people.

I was happy with the construction of the piece with recycled and office materials, 
but in the end I see those buildings needed more attention, desperately.
And more staples.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Reed & Write

Here is my submission to edition 004 of the Alkoholik Robotik zine; the music issue. Having been fine tuned by Jessica Durden & the gang it is now proudly fully printed and available to view. A lively band of illustrators have contributed; have a thumb through and see how we sound to your eyes.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Handsome Smiles Wearing Handsome Shoes

I 'hand'ed in the final brogue designs today.
Meet them:

The progression of three different styles across the three different images is to parallel the the different processes involved in the formulation of traditional brogue shoes with the development of the images themselves.

My favourite has to be the pencil simpleton at the top, but the middle polish pair do resemble gnomes, which gets them plus points.
Excited to see them nestled in the final spread :)