Thursday, 28 April 2011

Touch Sensitive.

Here is the very first section to my animation, on the subject of the senses. This snippet is for Touch, and is about my boyfriend Laurie. As you can see, he puts on a jumper in a rather swift sense, but I am infact wanting to compare him to a jumper (as you do).

By this I mean, when you first put on a new jumper, you feel it strongly against your skin because it is a brand new sensation. It may feel heavy or itchy, or you are at least very aware of its presence. Over time, we become used to its touch otherwise it would drive us crazy when combined with everything else that was touching us. The jumper grows in comfort, becoming well-loved and 'worn in', and it can often be hard to let go of the garment when it finally becomes to old. Laurie is like a jumper in this way because in the same way I have grown more comfortable with him over time, and now he is a very snug fit. We also described our early relationship as 'learning to knit', as we learned to 'knit' our two existences together into a happily functioning combination.

This is the first truely personal project I have ever done, usually focusing on topics that are of a more academic or topical nature. Still retaining scientific undertones, this endeavour has so far been a very positive and introspective experience and I think it's the perfect element to bring to my practice just in time for the end of the second year at university.

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