Friday, 8 July 2011

Three Wheeler.

My original idea for my badge entries was to have one type of bicycle split up into three circular sections, to form three seperate badges. This would mean that if someone was to buy the set of 3 they could compile their own little bike right there on their sweater, otherwise hopefully the elements would be of interest if stood alone.

However to exaggerate this, I became more interested in the idea of a hotch potch of different bicycles standing for different characters of riders, all converging up to make up one vehicle. I find the bicycle an intriguing object through the sheer amount of amalgamations it has gone through, and the vast variety of people who use it in their very different daily lives as a result. Invariably slightly disjointed, finishing like a victorian cockentrice of a specimen, I wanted to line up the parts as well as they lent themselves to without becoming forced. I was happy with the outcome, and as ever proud to have got them done on time.

I hoped my design would encourage people to play with badges, and think of their clothes as canvases in the morning.
I myself favour using brooches of airbourne objects like airplanes, baloons and birds to turn my garment into a sky.

Just submitted them to the competition so let's see if they fly.
Good luck to all who entered!

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