Friday, 23 September 2011

Horsing Around.

(Never has a post title come so easily.)
Once again, I sent a little something over to Peculiar Bliss today, for their newest issue entitled 'Creatures'. I found great joy and satisfaction in drawing it peacefully in my journal, the night after conceiving the idea en route to a buddy's house to change a light bulb - coincidence?

It's nice to genuinely generate a giggle from time to time with something simple, even if it is to yourself. Chortle.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Land Marks.

I recently stumbled across a publication called Hesa Inprint, a bilingual magazine described as a platform for anyone with "a vision and a voice". Fancying this notion, I also found the design to be of a very high calibre; a beautiful and clean finish (no pun), and, rather enamored, submitted a drawing to their latest issue; Europe-Eurooppa. I created a tourist's map of Europe, using only infamous landmarks in order to show the placement of European countries, with some missing all together. This was to show the gaps in people's general knowledge about our world's geography, along with the all-consuming power of iconic images.

Full article and image can be see here on the HESA blog: