Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Badge of Honour.

Today I received a very exciting and very blue parcel from the good people at Stereohype! As posted previously I entered their badge competition this year. Curiously I came fourth, which means not only are my badges on sale at the stereohype website, but also that I was owed some prize-winning clobber.

As a badge fan I was in heaven getting to choose 15 badges as part of the winnings. Some tough decisions were made after scouring their catalogue of treasures (across a few sittings), and below you can see the well-chosen badges that joined my own design as additions to my collection, along with this photo of my now-real badges having been instantly donned with genuine pride. The finish of them is very good, it's so cool to see my bike having lifted off from the page. It'd be strange to say they're 3-D now as they're still definitely 2-D compared to a real bike, but you know what I mean.

From top left to right:
Green Jellyfish by FL@33
Rubberbands, Large by FL@33
Moon Eclipse, Dark by ÉricandMarie
Anteater Trumpet by Mayuko Fujino (1st Prize 2011)
Pie Chart by Lisa Olausson
Ketchup by Alexander Egger.

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