Saturday, 15 October 2011


I sent this over to The Fruit Tree Foundation this week, as they had a fun competition to help create a new EP for their mentoring musicians.

Says Fruit Tree's Astrid Johnston, "We are inviting you to play ‘consequences’ aka ‘heads, bodies and legs’ with a fruit tree, and then send us your version of one section of the tree. Three of the entries will be put together to form a whole tree and used for the EP".

Being the ripe-old age of twenty-one, I tackled the top of the tree. Thinking of it as the canopy, I drew lots of little brollies and cut + glued them down in place. I liked the idea of one tree collecting all the umbrellas lost by people; either taken by the wind, left on the bus, or so often abandoned in a mangled state after losing to a storm.