Wednesday, 7 December 2011


After a wonderfully fulfilling hand-in day this week, I have time to blog a little more about my 10 week project about the goings-on and life within my hometown of Halesowen in the West Midlands. Originally exploring the process of map-making, this idea stemmed as I took an interest in a psychogeographic approach and the notion of mapping a personal journey; a time as well as a place.

By acting as a map-maker I was able to select which information to draw; what stood out to me either for good or bad reasons on a route that I chose. Brand supermarkets were not chosen instinctively as to me they do not contribute to my town's character, when infact they are quite prevalent in its layout and function.

People are included alongside buildings as equally notable features, and both are transient. Even though the places are more permanent than the fleeting moments I have drawn of people's lives, in a sense they are never quite the same at any given time (different cars outside, open/closed), as well as shops becoming all the more redeveloped as time goes on.
Some images were done as reportage directly on site, but I also took a lot of photos to create 'snapshot' images of the day and the majority are drawn from those.

I feel a large connection to the drawings generated within this project as I feel they have a looseness that is sometimes lacking in my search to create a successful drawing. 

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