Thursday, 15 December 2011

Make Lunch, Draw Lunch, Eat.

I rustled up this little image today for Anorak magazine's Happy Lunch! competition.

The idea was to tailor the material used to each item of food's properties, so each object is tactile in its own way. Overall I'm not sure if the plain background holds these elements together well enough,
and, I guess as blogs are good places for 'behind the scenes' talk, I can let you know that I put that humble humbug on upside down. Oops.
Oh well, the lunch was very well received by my tummy; and making from real food is an incentive to finish it in order to be able to, well, eat it. There is also an awful lot of traffic light jelly left to celebrate the completion :) I might introduce it to its sure-to-be friend, icecream.

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