Sunday, 11 December 2011

Wish You Were Here.

Just before the dark Christmas nights really set in, there is an exhibition on Bournemouth seafront entitled 'Wish You Were Here'. Original postcards made under this title will be put up at Branksome Dene in a large beach hut, and my offering is about the moon. Below is the first & second attempts at drawing the moon onto tracing paper, and subsequent placing of the image on different surfaces such as a mousemat, envelope and job contract.

The thinking behind the image was my first boyfriend, and how when he split up with me when I was 17 I wanted to wish far him away somewhere. He was joining the RAF anyway, but that felt like a romanticism of him 'going to war' almost, when the truth was that he didn't want me anymore, near or far. The distance between us was so to be both spatial and emotional. I didn't want a chance to bump into him as I felt that would be really difficult, so in my head I wished he would be transported to the moon;
238,857 miles away, where all ex-boyfriends should be kept.

The exhibition is on the 16th December; the last day of term & the perfect opportunity for more mulled wine & mince pies than should be able to be fit into the human body.

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