Saturday, 14 January 2012

Neu Craft Werk.

And so, today, the 14th day of 2012, I am able to proclaim Happy New blog Year. The festive season was a busy and beautiful time and now that my dissertation is on the cusp of being handed in, I have been making some new work; Hallelu!

Expanding on the yellow piece below from last year, I made two more drawings of birds on coloured paper; a blue tit on eggshell blue and a rather angry bullfinch on, well, bullfinch pink, to create a series of 3. I really wanted to show birds 'doing stuff', not just sitting on a branch as they are so often depicted, and enhanced this movement through energetic and confident mark-making.

I also recently drew a series of Schwinn bicycles in pencil crayon whilst eating maynards sports mixture, along with digging out some previously exhibited and much loved paper concertina illustrations of an accordion and a land camera.

This collection of images, along with two digital prints from my recent hometown project, will form the line-up for an upcoming showcase exhibition I am taking part in in London next week with a friend of mine.


I'm a big believer that you can have 'fresh starts' at any time of year; any time of day if you so like, but it is rather nice to have a clean shiny year stretching ahead, like a new sketchbook. And may it be a cracker.

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