Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Transatlantique Scrawler.

Here are some sketchbook pages from my sketchbook for arthouse's Sketchbook Project 2012. Sketchbook.

My chosen theme was 'Transatlantic', as my book would have to travel across the pond no less than 4 times before the project was finished. Most of the imagery within its pages came from exploring the relationship between American & English culture, as well as transatlantic flight, the Bermuda triangle, oh, and a squirrel made up like a red indian.

Little did I know when I signed up to this project the effect it would have. My approach to filling the book was purposeful and driven, and I produced drawings and makings unlike I ever have before, namely through working faster and drawing plenty of people. I often shy away from drawing people through fear of not capturing what makes them 'them', and so rendering them heartbreakingly unrecognisable. Within this venture I have learnt that I can draw Hugh Laurie, but not Madonna, and honestly, I'm happy with that.

As this sketchbook was a gift, it felt like an arena for play and also fearlessness.
I'm happy to be a part and kindof sad its gone now, but may that feeling of 'why not?' remain.

Plus, might do it all again next year.

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