Saturday, 11 February 2012

Mile High.

Here are some drawings I did on the way to Barcelona this week; in the airport and on the plane.
Ryanair were a fairly annoying airline to fly with, announcing offers of telephone cards, perfumes, scratchcards every ten minutes throughout the journey. However they got me and my classmates to our colourful destination safely and we had an adventurous and wonderful (if not exhausting) stay, walking and sightseeing all day, and eating, drinking and dancing all through the night.
Really wanted to sketch on the return journey too, but after a pitiful 2-hour-sleep it was beyond me. I have 4 films to be developed though, so the imagery shall be rich.

Now the fun is over it's definitely time to catch some of those sacrificed zzzs! Next is some drawings for the next issue of Another Escape :) I'm a lucky one! Have a good weekend everyone.

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