Saturday, 3 March 2012

Throwing Gliders Off The Bleachers.

Following the impressive response from issue 1, Another Escape is preparing for the difficult 'second album' issue. Shouldn't be a problem for the talented Miss Rachel Taylor - illustrator, photographer, film-maker, designer, editor; generally a swiss army knife of creativity. For this issue I was asked to illustrate somewhere to escape in Bournemouth, and chose the Winton Recreation Ground. Steeped in quaint British nostalgia, it reminds me of parks in the midlands I used to go to as a child that were little more than somewhere to play ball, pet other people's dogs and get an icecream.

I chose the recreation ground because it is a small piece of residential heaven, which may not have the thrill of a theme park or the beauty of an exotic island, but is somewhere that anyone in the community can utilise in order to escape their 
daily grind, whatever it may consist of. It doesn't cost any money to go there, and it is never closed.
Everyone needs a place where their head can air out, and whether playing velcro ball, tennis, throwing a boomerang around, attempting to learn to handstand (and failing), having a picnic, or crying pitifully on a bench, the WRG has appeared to have been mine for the last 3 years.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has put in there.

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