Friday, 23 March 2012

Old Ladies In Waiting.

Here are two big drawings I've been working on at the start of my current (and final) university project. It's about the process of how we wait.

Studying lots of different people at bus stops, the drawings so far have focused on the relationships struck up between strangers in this temporary arena, or the potential relationship which is untapped.

On one hand I see waiting for buses, trains, to see a doctor, at an airport, to use a cashpoint, in a queue, as more psychologically difficult in the modern age now we have all been weened on immediacy - click and response - but on the other there are certainly a lot of new ways of killing this transitional time with smartphones and the like which also sadly allow us to pretend those around us don't exist.

Noticing with particular interest strangers who look similar or very different to one another, as I collate these drawings I am also starting to question who we are instinctively drawn to, and the interesting creatures we are not meeting, despite sitting right next to, arm to arm.

I myself have always seen these non-spaces and transitional moments as a blessing; really very relaxing, almost mediative in their gift of freedom to think and pause and just exist.
And of course, for the next few months, draw people when they're not looking.

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  1. Love your pencil work! I used to love working with pencil colours but haven't in such a long time, you have inspired me to give it a go again, thank you! Your work is amazing!