Saturday, 14 April 2012


Despite being intensely busy beans in the midst of our final major degree projects, a task firmly in the mind of us third year illustrators at the moment is fundraising. Eyes have become pound signs thinking of ways we can raise the money we need to pay for everything that comes with our London degree show in July. Following a successful 90s themed event raising thousands of pounds our next move is a silent auction, and illustrators we admire have been contacted for donations of work to be sold alongside our own creations. Inevitably a lot of people don't reply or simply don't have anything they want to give, but two reactions that I have been particularly warmed by are illustrator and educator Holly Wales and recent graduate of AUCB, Amy Harris.

Not only did they generously send some wonderful illustration work for our auction, but both enclosed a little note wishing us the best with Holly kindly promoting our sale further on her blog and Amy scoring top marks for her expert packaging of one of these guys through the postal system. It's good to know that illustrators are such a kind bunch.

Our auction is on 18th April, so anyone wanting to see some illustration and have a beer should come to the illustration studio of The Arts University College at Bournemouth, distance permitting.

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