Saturday, 31 March 2012

Cable Jungle.

I also went inside Concorde 002 at Fleet Air Arm Museum which was a real treat! Peering into the cockpit you are greeted with an impossible amount of buttons, levers and dials which someone in the world must understand in their entirety (or at least pretend to). Only ever a test plane, Concorde 002 had an unfinished quality that I really liked with wires exposed and rough bits of metal to remind you that it was a huge machine, not just powered by money and champagne.

In particular I took interest in these colourful wire bundles, and took photographs of them home to draw from.
They stood out due to their playful colours and resemblance of living fibrous growths, spilling out of the pipes all along the top of the plane and knitting together in these twisted forms. The main cables were also fairly intestinal and looked akin to human flesh, rendering this mass of plastic and metal strangely organic in appearence. As with the cockpit it made me wonder if anyone understood exactly which cable was which, and what they all controlled. Could that little red one set off an ejector seat if cut? or perhaps just tamper with the co-pilot's cup holder.

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