Sunday, 29 April 2012

The House That Tie-Dye Built.

This week I was involved in a tie-dye sale at university to raise money for the printing of upcoming publication 'Synthia'; a magazine to be filled by exemplary fine art, illustration and photography students at our university, along with details of local projects and features from professional practitioners. It is based around the fields of both art and science, the publication hoping to demonstrate and celebrate an effective crossover between the two disciplines.

And so, with a combination of alchemy and creativity wizardry, we set about dying a lot of bespoke tshirts in our customer's chosen colour combinations for just a few bob. Despite it being a very stormy week, the rain held off enough for us to do a good trade, and we even brought a little sunshine out too.

The project is the brain child of Laurie Ramsell and Synthia's first issue is set for release this summer. She will be pleased.

All photographs in this post are by Laurie Ramsell.

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