Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Rain, Art, Snacks, Beer.

Today was the day of our silent auction, aiming to raise money for our course's external degree show in London by selling our illustration work and wares. Nibbles and napkins were laid on and initially the event resembled a children's party; in a good way.

Alongside our student work, we were lucky enough to have pieces donated by some kindly big names in illustration, including Rob Ryan, Holly Wales, Susie Wright, Amy Harris and Marcus Oakley.

The show was bustling, colourful and enjoyable, with the occasional bidding war. In the end it was just nice to relax with my class as for us this was where the hard work behind the show had come to an end. All in all we raised over £1,500, so a large thank you is owed to everyone who came, saw and bidded, including the Robert Newman. What an inspiring chap.

Surrounded by our own pictures and people there to see them I knew I wasn't alone in feeling a sense of pride, a sense that I desperately needed beer and the knowledge that I would sleep very very well tonight.

All photographs in this post are by Nathan Hackett.

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