Friday, 22 June 2012

Course Leader Hug-o-rama.

Last night was the opening of the AUCB Summer Show; the first opportunity for the public to see the 'FERAL' illustration exhibition we have put together. After the hard work of readying the studio for the show, it was a magical and surreal night to celebrate the efforts of both students and tutors across the entire university, with as much wine as there was rainfall (a torrent), and a surprise or two to boot.

These ridiculous images are courtesy of sharp-snapper Sojung Kim and show the moment in which it was announced that I had won the illustration course prize. It was like one of those dreams where you're standing completely naked in front of loads of people. And they're smiling, and clapping... and all too expectant.
When asked to say a few words, I managed to slur something about being proud to be part of such a great course, trying not to weep as my course leader went on to describe me as the 'backbone of the course' and promptly took me in her arms.

I probably wouldn't believe this moment existed if it wasn't for this sit-com still of a photograph to remind me.

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