Saturday, 29 September 2012

Cinema Sushi & other stories.

Getting a bit behind on my daily drawing posts, so here are the latest three in a wee batch.

Daily drawing challenge: 26/09/12

I ate a sushi dinner during a screening of The Sweeney. Turns out it's an excellent film food, and even though I couldn't see it I could visualize the interesting shapes and colours of the platter clearly through the darkness. (Well, that and smell the stuff.)

: 27/09/12

Getting a bit too engrossed in social media at the moment in its many relentless forms. This phrase is the enemy, along with 'This User Does Not Exist'.

: 28/09/12

Met up with one of my greatest friends after a long time and her presence blessed me with a run of tasty charity shop finds. This little 70s pot is one of them. Reminds me implicitly of my grandparent's house in Leeds; a sweet and strangely sentimental addition to my workspace considering its past is all its own.

You can catch up on all the latest Drawing Days submissions over on the facebook page, including wonderful new drawings by Kate Rowland, Louise Wyatt and Sojung Kim.

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