Monday, 12 November 2012


I was asked to illustrate two poems for Commas & Colons magazine, to be included in their latest edition celebrating short poetry and prose. Both poems were written by Konnor Thorpe, who uses a rhythmic, well-formatted style that I enjoyed responding to. For the first, Jailisco, I drew this little ramshackle taqueria and visiting scorpion under the hot sun.


car bombing last week

but the old men still haggle over trinkets
with the gringos in the market
and the young men still exchange fire
in the dust and the cobblestone
leave a van full of heads
and another full of bodies

somewhere out in the desert
scorpion crawls by
translucent in november sun
too small to hiss or sting
or say anything at all
lost again
under the shadow of
a roadside

- words by Konnor Thorpe.

You can see my illustration alongside other responses to Konnor's work here.

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