Monday, 31 December 2012

Reach For The Sky.

After hearing the sad news that Sir Patrick Moore had passed away I felt compelled to make a drawing of him in tribute. Like the spur-of-the-moment drawing of Bill Murray on his birthday, the image quickly took on a life on its own and I was shocked to see Patrick staring back at me.

A great man. Reach for the sky, Patrick.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Creative Christmas.

When The Young Creatives called out for contributions for their advent calendar I contacted them saying I would fashion them an illustration of creatives at Christmas: Pantone matching food and somebody wrapping a cat. For some reason they went for it, so here it is. I am TYC's December 19th.

Merry Christmas, and to all a good cat.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Last month I decked out my portrait with a rather dashing tash of her own, as well as completing portrait requests for those who wanted more top lip action than nature allowed over on Gallery of Mo!
My favourite illustration to do was of pals Rachel & Jody and I found the commissioned portraits to be great practice, each pushing my ability to draw faces a little bit more. I considered each one as an experiment so they certainly all look a bit different, but I want to thank everyone who donated and chose me as their hairy artiste - it was a pleasure to denote each and every.

Below is doe-eyed darling Kate McStraw (my final portrait request) and despite giving her an honorary 70s trucker tash I have to admit I prefer her pretty face without it. This drawing for me also reflects the beginning of a shift in how I deal with detail: hair in particular beginning to grow in refinement as the month went on.

With every face I draw I learn a little more, and it was all for a good cause! Don't forget to get involved next Movember.

For now, don't you all think it's time for a shave?

Friday, 7 December 2012

Beauty in the Beast.

Earlier this month I was asked to take part in a project with Jack In Water in which artists responded to their songs. My given song Beauty in the Beast was beautiful and haunting, yet conjured up imagery of vanity, vice and debauchery.

You can listen for yourself here and here are some of the lyrics that inspired me:

'Eyes are misleading
Forget yourself
But don’t fall asleep
The beast isn’t creeping
You're just sleeping
Forget yourself

And if you do
This place will change
An until you do
The beast stays vain
And the minute she forgets
That they're only friends
It starts to get frightening
And the minute she forgets
This never ends
Their moves inspire me

Have you seen them
What they're doing
In the city while we sleep
Can you feel it
What they're doing
In the city'

Trying to create a roughed up portrait of the beauty, I surrounded her heavily made-up face with angelic loose locks. A soft yet dark feathered mask provides contrast and draws on the idea of darkness behind light to be found within the song.