Friday, 4 January 2013

Howdy, we are After School Club.

A new year, a new venture!

I have formed a collective with some of my favourite illustrators: Kate Rowland, Maria Midttun and Nathan Hackett, and together we are now known as After School Club. Having brainstormed and had adventure time last year all in the name of creativity we're ready to get some stuff out into the world as a team.

Our logo is thus; a little drawing of mine. Sure, he's just an unassuming ordinary red chair, but rest assured, he loves to party.
Intending to develop the role of the collective throughout the year, it begins as a platform to create work around a monthly theme and generally have lots of fun meeting up every month for 'business meetings'. We think it's important to see the people behind the illustrations and keep up with what's going on in the world at large whilst we sit scribbing at our desks, so as well as our drawings and makings we will be sharing collective mixtapes, managing our own Book Club, and bringing you a Something of the Month, every month.

Join in the adventure at

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