Friday, 5 April 2013

Dream Big & Beyond ~ Designing for Cannon Hill Lectures

After a positive reception to my NEXT GEN FEST flyer for mac birmingham, I was commissioned to create a range of postcards to accompany their upcoming Cannon Hill Lectures series. With an inspiring range of sessions covering personal branding, networking, funding, setting goals and more, the lecture programme is designed to arm young creatives with the information to find their own way within the creatives and cultural sector. After all, knowledge is power.

I kept the designs playful and tactile; an aesthetic a little different for mac but by incorporating some signature colours that can actually be found at the core of their branding it led to a fresh visual offering whilst retaining the identity of the company. My aim was to create something that people would not only pick up but also keep safe and even pin up on their wall. In this ilk the text on the front of the cards are some of the Two Word Pep-Talks that I had generated for myself since graduating university last year; bite-size reminders to have tenacity, aim high and keep going. These phrases were a perfect match for Amy Martin's inspiring line-up and I think the key spirit behind the sessions is to motivate as well as educate.

I would urge all green creative types to get to the first lecture on 30 April. It's going to be smashing.