Sunday, 11 August 2013

Look With All Your Eyes

As well as taking part in The Open Project as a young curator, I also used the submission day as an opportunity to gain experience in pitching my drawings to a gallery team. I submitted this piece from my Please Wait... series, and discussed with the other teams why I had drawn it and why I thought this was important. Much to my delight and surprise one group chose to exhibit my entry; its unusual ambiguous gaze happening to fit nicely into their theme of questioning, pulling apart and reshaping the way in which art can be viewed:

The contemporary gaze is greedy; it diminishes the value of the seen.

"In ‘Look With All Your Eyes’ the curatorial team hold up a mirror to reflect upon how art is experienced. They have selected artworks that appear to restrict the act of looking. Be it a visual, sensual, physical or mental restriction, this translates to real life and the way in which audiences interact and view the world."

An interesting concept well executed through strong research and precision hanging, this third Open Project exhibition was curated by Sam Orchard, Lucy Dixon & Lily Wales. Curator's high 5.

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