Monday, 16 September 2013

Rude Food Fiesta: A Bit Of A Mouthful

This weekend I offered my services to a food festival with a difference. The latest event from Companis, Rude Food Fiesta invaded Edible Eastside promising lots of naughty treats and tricks to get taste buds in a twist. Granted, allotments are normally quite filthy places, but this weekend's antics definitely got a few hands and minds dirty, taking the site's seedy and soiled ratings right up to 'X'.

Art, music, and all manner of dubious physical activities contributed to a stimulatingly ramshackle day of celebrating what we put in our mouths, with the fun and frolics far removed from the traditional food festival model. A long day full of laughter and mess, my duties included filling up water pistols with yoghurt for the 'Cum Shot' challenge, facilitating the races and food challenges, and even playing some form of rude rounders with a cucumber, some meringue and a whole load of sex noises.

I was in great company, muchos enjoying meeting THSH Artist in Residence Mr. Underwood, Liz Howell (see her baudy bunding in the top image) and even sharing a 'Gang Bang' cocktail with Margot Clunge of Kindle Theatre. The lovely Helen Grundy also kept us all in High Tea (gin), and with the Beer Tent rocking custom-made real ales Golden Shower & Velvet Rope from Fownes Brewery the day's merriment and mirth certainly seemed amplified by a few magical elixirs (generating even more giggles over the naughty confectionery).

As the day drew to a close, Moselele serenaded the setting sun with some controversial anthems, before Charity Shop DJ took the helm spinning records and creating a mini-mecca of carnival spirit. My favourite element of the day has to be the amazing handmade food hats by Miho Shimizu and Kirsty Roberts, transforming visitors and volunteers into walking pineapples, garlic, cabbage, even the odd tooth! Seeing such playful characters navigate the allotment gave a welcome sense of surrealism to the day, and created a unique sense of connection and community between both people and food. To this effect, to round off the evening I donned as many of their colourful creations as I could, settling on a carrot hat and charming fig collar to accessorise my RFF abron and aubergine medal, and dancing the night away with the other volunteers. 
¡Foodie wonderland!

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