Saturday, 20 December 2014

Collective Happiness

Photograph by Unfinished Business

Now in it's third year, the Cannon Hill Collective at mac birmingham has been part of my Tuesday night life for some time now; from being a member myself back in 2012-13, to now helping make it all happen for new cohorts in my current job. A lively programme to say this least, this week it went up a notch with the group working on a series of exercises as part of Change My Mind: a project by London-based performance company Unfinished Business. This involved taking over mac's main gallery for the duration of the week, with UB transforming it's colossal frame into something strangely intimate and even cozy. With decks, food, colourful lighting and somewhere to get comfortable, it had all the makings of, well a pretty great party, but in reality what manifested worked on more levels than that, with Leo Kay & Anna Smith making all the artists in the room come over all introspective through meditation, philosophy, collective decision-making, trust exercises, free writing and music.

Watching this story unfold throughout the week was wonderful, and to be touched by its ideas and teachings was very liberating, as the people around me were trying things they'd never tried before with open minds, showing how easy it can be to just give it a go if you break down new territory collectively. We were like a strange little tribe dwelling at the heart of the busy building, yet in a world entirely of our own design.

Beyond it all, getting to hang out with the group was a real joy, and weirdly I didn't even miss the gallery having static art inside it.

Here is what some of the team had to say about it:

Going on Camera - Jess May Davies
Cannon Hill Collective 2014-15 - Murdock Ramone

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