Monday, 6 April 2015

Cowboys & Robots & Sharks, Oh My!

Another weekend, another fun-filled workshop with Flatpack. This one was centred around youngsters designing their own film posters, using my illustrated kit sheet, coloured paper and letter stencils. Held in mac birmingham's public space alongside illustration heroes Anorak, it was really busy with crowds seeming to come in waves, filling the space to burst between screenings and crucial family food breaks. It was wonderful to be sat at the table myself, listening to the participants' ideas for their films, what art class was like at their schools and of course, helping with the cutting out, with some kids staying happily and crafting their masterpieces for hours.

As I had hoped the illustrated elements had got their imaginations working, with Antonio's robot movie (above) centred around the red robot capturing 3 magical diamonds to give him the power to defeat the villainous cowboy. There was even some hybridisation to create new mutant characters, such as the surely straight-to-video cult classic ROBOSHARK ATTACKS featuring an epic battle with some kind of sneaky dinosaur shark.

A particular shout out to Blair (below) who created a complex quasilinear narrative to connect nearly all of the characters, so much so that we needed to extend the canvas to panoramic dimensions just to fit all the action in. I think it's a space western set underwater, with a dragon, so look out for that coming to cinemas near you later this year.

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