Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Contemporary Other

When asked to contribute something to Contemporary Other's second issue 'FEMINISM IS', my first thought was YES! *punches air* and the second thought was Harnaam Kaur. I'd been wanting to draw her for a while, blown away by her power, grace and femininity in the face of shallow questions from TV hosts about how she would find love as a heterosexual female with a beard. She wasn’t constructing her identity to be attractive to others and that must have scared the shit out of them. To see more from this superstar role model visit @harnaamkaur, and check out the forthcoming volume of CO for feminist dialogue that dismisses the majority and favours the other.
In their own words:

"We favour the individual whose identity does not conform unambiguously to the conventional. We favour the marginalised, the dark, the east, the feminist, the queer, the radical, the subordinate, the transnational, the post human, the admix that is the Contemporary Other."

You can come and celebrate CO: 2 at their publication launch on 8 Oct as part of Fierce Festival.

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