Thursday, 6 August 2015

Murray In A Hurry

My projects have a tendency to develop over a long period of time in different, perhaps unnecessarily complex, ways - but every now and then a simple idea comes along fully formed. Loudly and over-excitedly suggesting to mac birmingham's Cinema Producer Amy Smart that we hold a 'Murry In A Hurry' temporary tattoo parlour to compliment their outdoor screening of Ghostbusters was a prime example of the latter, and due to Amy's matched enthusiasm a truly great little project was born right there on the bus.

Getting to work drawing Venkman, I wanted to strike a balance between creating a bold tattoo-worthy design and preserving my own style of pencil mark-marking. The sunglasses secured his entry into the badass hall of fame, making the tattoo a fitting badge of honour for even the hardest nut.

After some printing trials and skin tests, the design was ready to be produced, and I set about printing a limited run of 70 tattoos for the cinema-going punters. Attendees to the screening made light work of getting through these, and it was a nice way to connect with fellow Bill-lovers before the film, chatting to them as I quickly applied the tattoo, soaked it with water, and peeled the backing away to reveal their instant illustrated accessory.

All in all it was a ridiculously fun experience, although I did have the distinct feeling I was being watched by a giant marshmallow man (y'know, that feeling). Thanks to everyone who let me decorate their skin. Even though on this occasion the tattoos were temporary, may your love for Bill be permanent. To catch the rest of this summer's outdoor cinema programme at mac, including Jaws and Aliens, visit: Sundown Cinema: Monsters and Mayhem.


  1. This is such a fun event. Great to hear how it came about too. You never know where little ideas will lead sometime. They all look really great!


    1. Thanks for reading Hannah! Yes it turns out all ideas have value, even the silly ones :) perhaps particularly true of projects involving Bill Murray.