Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Snapshots of Venezia

Last month me and Laurie flew to Venice to explore the La Biennale di Venezia - 56th International Art Exhibition. We stayed in a beautiful apartment in Sant' Elena - dubbed 'the greenest district in Venice' - surrounded by local folks, tiny businesses and a shady park. Our adventures led us from this charming neighbourhood right up to the tourist throng of San Marco and back again through tiny walkways, piazzas and waterways; via cafes, gelateries, markets, marbled paper shops and even a Hard Rock Cafe. Here are some snapshots of our visit.

1. Laurie in Casa Sorteni, our Venetian digs owned by the lovely Paolo.
2. The apartment was a long way up; on the upper floor of an early 20th Century palace.
3. View across the bay towards Guidecca.
4. Sant' Elena neighbourhood.
5. Me in the Venezuela pavilion at The Giardini

6. Visiting Caffè Florian in Piazza San Marco, the oldest café in the world.

Overall Venice had a completely unique identity as a city, unlike anywhere else I have visited. I didn't like the tourist menus or the droves of people following an everyday mascot raised aloft, but as soon as you escape that a wonderfully rich culture emerges, one that feels very much worth exploring, and preserving. The locals were so friendly, with one old man overhearing we were looking for a pharmacy and motioning for us to follow him, which we did down lots of narrow streets, until we reached a little cluster of cafes and tiny shops in a shaded piazza. That was the magic moment for me; as his kind act had revealed an oasis of local cafes and shops; the real Venice. Above all it was a wonderful city in which to write, wander, think and drink aperol spritzs and gorgeous coffee; just the ticket for an over-busied creative noodle.

To see more of my favourite photographs from my travels, you can connect with me on instagram @byngcam

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