Monday, 21 September 2015

(B:) Future FORUM

Yesterday I shared the spoils of my Kano challenge at mac birmingham as part of their Future FORUM, the final component of this year's Future C U R I O U S festival. As detailed in my earlier post about my approach to the TINKER process, the result was a series of images inspired by colour mode RGB made using pencil, a scanner and various techniques of image manipulation on the raspberry pi using free software / Kano OS.

Having presented the final images and how I arrived at them, a couple of things are important to reflect upon:

- The project has allowed me to consider the use of drawing in new contexts
- Control was given away to yield new and unexpected results
- Kano provided a valuable access point to the raspberry pi technology
- Certain qualities of the tinkering instilled a powerful What if? principle which I will continue to benefit from
- Collaboration is key to future-proofing. A dialogue with other people / practices / technologies is important
- Using technology in a creative way feels good, even if you're working it out as you go along

Thank you to Future C U R I O U S & Kano for the opportunity to receive an exciting a new toy and use it to meddle with my practice. It's shaken up my way of making work and I can't wait to build upon the themes explored.

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