Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Art of Social Media

This piece is for the lovely Forge mag team to accompany a written piece about the internet (specifically social media) empowering young creatives to get their work out into the wider world. After a few days half-heartedly trying to make an overly complex illustration, I took some time away from it and a simpler concept started to emerge.

Previously trying to show too much in one image (based on the idea of sharing work online as like a searchlight into the sky) I stripped it back to better reflect the effect social media has had on me personally; lifting my spirits when working alone and raising my confidence levels about making work and sharing it with people. It can literally take your work all over the world, and whilst the first guise demonstrated the competitive nature of so many people sharing creative goodness online, this is a much more reflective look at the effect it can have on the individual maker, as I think communities can definitely be created to provide this motivation online.

Forge, a new culture magazine developed by The Icing Agency, will be having its own launch party on Fri 9th October, 6pm at mac birmingham. It would be lovely to see you there if you are so inclined, where you can pick up a copy. There will be colouring in and performances, and balloons (even if only inside the pages of issue 1).

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