Saturday, 27 February 2016

One Piece Of Advice

Before Christmas I heard from Bond & Coyne, who were putting together an alumni publication for my beloved Arts University Bournemouth, building on their One Piece of Advice series of pearls of wisdom for the next generation of creatives. As part of the first issue, I was pleased to be asked to contribute a range of illustrations, including wrapping my pencils around 10 portraits of contributors to the magazine - including Bob & Roberta Smith, Sir Peter Cook & Ann Chaisty - and 3 spot illustrations on the theme of speech.

Whilst quite a large undertaking for the start of the year, the commission provided a nice point at which to reflect on what I've achieved since my time studying at AUB, and sharing my work alongside friends Natasha Durley, Robin Mackenzie and cover illustrator Marianna Madriz felt like a really special collective celebration of the fact that we're learning, growing professionally and, above all, continuing to make work. For more information visit OPOA.

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