Friday, 22 April 2016

Lizzy Maries

As many of you will know, the productivity paradox of having lots to do can mean you don't have a lot of time to talk about it. If you complete a project but don't blog about it, did it even happen? This is surely one of the greatest philosophical quandaries of our generation. I jest, but to me reflection and sharing go hand in hand, which is why the ceremony and processes of learning surrounding my creative moves need to be upheld.

Sunday, 3 April 2016


問候 (greetings) and welcome to April; the month of hailstones, possums and ping pong according to my calendar. Those who recently turned over Ivan Ivanovich - ping - I salute you, but for anyone following along digitally - pong - here are your desktop backgrounds as promised so you too can proudly rep some unremarkable artwork.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Drowning Not Waving

Curl up in the carcass of your sanity in order to survive the storm.
You’ll emerge, covered in blood, yet warm, and more importantly, alive.

You can tell I watched The Revenant recently, huh? In the first week of March I felt myself crashing. After a super mega driven start to the year in a new job with lots of new projects, hopes and ambitions, everything just suddenly hit me at once. Any ailment I had worsened. migraines returned, my stomach was in knots and I realised I had been behaving perpetually, just keeping going without allowing myself any time to stop, think and reflect, because there were bigger fish to fry. In reality, it was my mind that was fried, and my body was broken. And that goddamn song by My Chemical Romance kept coming into my mind as I internally screamed: I'm not okay!

I wrote the following on Friday 5th March, and having debated whether or not to share it, I think in some ways it's a responsible move to anyone else who's felt or is feeling totally done. I think we tend to think people who are seen to be getting shit done are invincible, infallible, or that they don't ever slow down. This is simply untrue, and this myth will propel us all into the centre of a black hole of sheer exhaustion, if we let it.