Friday, 19 August 2016

Creative Cafe

On  Friday 5th August I got up earlier than usual. On this day I needed to be in Birmingham for 8.20am; no mean feat for a creative who stays up all night and lives in Halesowen, and, having sustained a pokémon GO injury earlier that week, this was my first foray out the house since Monday morning, when regrettably a hunt for much-needed pokeballs had gone sour. Like bambi stepping out onto the ice me and my bandaged up foot took a leap of faith, towards the fiat 500 of my dear friend Kat Tromans. Today we were giving a talk at Badego's Creative Cafe event, and there was no time to lose. We sped towards Urban Coffee Company, comparing notes as we went.

I had stayed up late scrawling and scanning, preparing slides to punctuate my presentation around key factors that shape my illustration practice. This was a great opportunity to reflect upon and share what illustration means to me, and I took it as a bit of a soap box upon which to explain the philosophy that runs through the marks I make.

Everyone at the meet-up was super encouraging and warm, and I would go so far as to say the creative cafe set-up was very much worth getting up early for. If you're anxious about anything that looks a bit like networking, don't be. It's never as scary as you expect, and I think spaces like this are invaluable as a creative practitioner as they remind you that, not only do you have something to say, but that people might just be listening.

Thanks to Badego for having me, and special shout out to @trilby for drawing one of my quotes onto a coffee cup.

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