Sunday, 14 August 2016

Pokémon GO Home

Honestly, I get a lot of strange requests. But when my friend Tim asked me to recreate EU referendum propaganda using pokémon I thought jet lag was playing tricks on me. However, he was completely serious, and what resulted was a series of reward prints for a kickstarter campaign to crowdfund for Pokémon GO Home, a free day-long event using Pokémon GO lures to support community cohesion in Birmingham; a bandage for post-Brexit Brum.

The designs were a lot of fun to create, drawing on The New Yorker cover, Vote Beaver graffiti and of course the infamous Breaking Point campaign headed by Nigel Farage, and will be winging their way to backers who helped raise £1,580 to make the event happen. The idea is the event will encourage the general public to visit a variety of minority and culturally specific organisations, societies and places of worship in a single day. Tim will be working with twenty minority venues in central Birmingham with adjacent Pokestops, from mosques to Polish cultural centres to Ethiopian cafes and pay for a full day's worth of continuous lures at their venue, as well as helping the organisations to create an open-door engagement offer for the day and provide volunteers. Righteous!

Pokémon GO Home will take place as part of Still Walking festival on Saturday 10th September. To find out more visitémonGoHome, and, if Pokémon GO ever becomes more sociable, my username is Byngachu. ^_^

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