Tuesday, 2 August 2016


I'm back, baby! There tends to be a lot of gaps on my blog, if I'm straight about it. I forget I have a blog sometimes and hurry back, trying to fill in the documentation gaps, but where do we, as creatives, go during that time? Well, sometimes we go into our own heads, but more often than not we get busy. We go into production mode, we're making money, we're doing it rather than recording it. What I love about blogging is a chance to reflect and take stock, which I'm happy to say I'm able to take some time to do now, after a fairly nuts summer so far.

To anyone following along with my year of UNREMARKABLE desktop backgrounds, you have been shortchanged over the last few months, and for that I apologise. Please take this quagga as a token of gratitude for still giving a shit.

To check out all of the UNREMARKABLE artwork archive, including my missed months, please click here.

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