Wednesday, 22 February 2017

I Made A Calendar: Part 2

So, it turns out I really like making calendars. Just as unremarkable was running out of page turns, I was commissioned to make a 2017 offering by the lovely people at Creative Black Country. Maintaining the colourful risograph qualities of my design the previous year, this special edition calendar celebrates their projects and all the wonderful people they work with, and served as a richly illustrated, lovingly crafted gift for people across the region and beyond. Working closely with the CBC team and print bros Rope Press, here's what we made together.

As shown in my Risography post, the process of preparing drawings for risograph printing can be an interesting one, and requires separate layers being prepared for each colour. After choosing a rainbow of colour combinations, including using new inks for me such as flat gold, hot pink and purple, we arranged these combinations seasonally (more vibrant colours in the summer etc.) before I created the relevant separations.

After being launched at Creative Black Country's event in West Browmich Town Hall at Christmas, we've been busy distributing copies across our various networks, with calendars continuing to travel as far as Norway and Czech Republic. Huge thanks to everyone involved in the process and all the lovely people featured in the calendar through their creative work. Let's hope 2017 is majestic as Amrick here, atop a horse, inside a desi pub. Goals.

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