Thursday, 29 March 2018

#PMTBrum 2018: Learning To ROAR

This month has seen some things swirling together building on last year's super fun yet intentional PMT initiative, headed up by Alison Baskerville. On Saturday 10th March, we once again put the Intersectional Womxn's Day fueled event on at Impact Hub Birmingham, welcoming people to the space to celebrate the magic of womxn and non-binary people in the city and beyond. From weaving to boxing via a zine library and lots of cake, PMT once again told a story through a series of interventions around the themes of art, body, work and love.

As the character heading up the branding once again, I refreshed the designs to breathe some new life into this years one-day festival, and, due to some more paced programming and the overwhelming desire in my heart to get to just be an artist on something rather than an artist-organiser or designer-producer, I successfully managed to deliver a little pop-up session myself; a one hour window for a #byngink x PMT temporary tattoo parlour.

This was a lot of fun, and is always a fun way of talking to and connecting with people, whilst giving them what feels like a momento, or a token of friendship. Beyond the festival conversations, Ali is working to set up an organisation called ROAR, drawing on a lot of her experience in different fields to equip people with the tools to feel safe in their own skin. That's what the panther logomark is all about, which you can read all about the concept behind here. I'm excited to continue on this journey with ROAR and help them uncover more about what their branding needs to do and say, as well as helping to interpret and realise that in order for them to operate.

#PMTBrum taught me an awful lot this year; that I feel clearer about what I want to do more of, that fun, friendship and creativity need to shine through even when the work gets deep and difficult and our hearts grow weary; that turning up and doing something again has its own power; that Birmingham's womxn and non-binary folks are flipping gorgeous and lit and finally, that we all need a space for healing sometimes.

Lots of love to the PMT cats who've been helping make this work happen with their energy and spirit, and keep a keen cats eye on @ROAR_Brum on twitter and instagram to see what's coming next and how you can get involved.

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