Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Pocket Film Festival II

After working on Pocket Film Festival's visual identity last year, I'm delighted to see it back for a second round! Unseen Cinema and Flatpack: Assemble united once more to bring one-off screenings, exhibitions and events to Stafford. Continuing with the original pocket-sized matchbook film kit design, the organisers simply wanted a refresh of the colour palette to show it was a new programme for this year, but also drawing on the fact that the design had become recognisable in the community from its first outing back in 2017.

Once again the festival guide was A6 in size, cross folding out into an A4 page featuring all the film content, festival information and an illustrated map featuring all the PFF venues for 2018. It's always a joy seeing these pop up locally in the form of the little programme as well as posters, including a cheeky mention on Stafford Forum.

Read more about the festival via Unseend Cinema, and check out what's next for Flatpack's Assemble programme!

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