Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Val/gal/pal-entine's Day

Before jumping on a plane to Tokyo (erm, as you do) I just about dropped some V-day inspired designs onto the Byng Inc. online shop! They celebrate the wide range of love(s) we can experience in our lives to build up a more multi-dimensional picture beyond the heteronormative hallmark romance often found blowing sickly kisses at us around this time of year. 

Building on the back of lots of fun temporary tattoo pop-up parlours, these first official #byngink sets are inspired by 4 of the Greek words for different types of love.

LUDUS: playful love
EROS: sexual passion
PRAGMA: longstanding love
PHILIA: deep friendship

To find out lots more about these collections and to get your hands (and arms and necks and lower backs, or frankly any body part you desire) on them visit:

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